Our Cosmetic Team

Geschäftsführerin Astrid vom Kosmetikinstitut Dr. Fiebiger



"After 10 years of being Dr. Fiebiger's Assistant, I look forward to this new and exciting challenge as Director of the Cosmetic Institute. Continuous training and expanding my knowledge, particularly regarding the new and most successful products available on the market, is particularly important to me. "


Dr. Manfred Fiebiger, Leiter und Facharzt des Kosmetikinstituts Dr. Fiebiger

Dr. Manfred Fiebiger

"I am very pleased that through the establishment of our beauty institute it is possible to address the concerns in the field of cosmetic dermatology in the most appropriate setting. I now have the opportunity to turn my knowledge towards the field of beauty. Our cosmetic institute the perfect place for you to investigate the most appropriate treatment to get the best and most long standing results."

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